You can taste it, but it will not form.

The air is thick, damp, awful with it. That sickly-sweet, rotten musk. This filthy smell, permeating the air from coast to coast, can only mean one thing:

Election season.

It’s a wondrous time, when a small fraction of America’s moronic masses spill into elementary schools and public libraries to exercise their franchise. Some do it out of a misguided sense of civic duty, some do it to get an hour or two off of work. They gather to pick their poison. The citizenry flock to pick the lesser evil, the new captain of the Titanic.

They fill in their dots and make their choices, satisfied and empowered by the blind conviction that they, The People, are leading The Nation.

Fucking idiots.

The vast, vast, vast majority of people build their politics based on two equally fucking terrible foundations: their feelings and cable news. Until recently, I had no idea how pervasive this was. I, like most, thought in terms of Us and Them. It was Us versus the feeb horde, the mindless red-state vermin. We voted with our heads, They voted with their shriveled, black, fundamentalist hearts.

Then I started talking to friends, people I know well and at least marginally respect.

“Oh, you’re voting for Hillary? Why?”
“You know, I think it would be good to have a woman president.”
“What about her war policy and stuff??
“What’s a war policy?”

Wait a second.

“What about you, Ms. San Francisco Whole Foods Shopping Prius Driving Peacenick?”
“Go Obama baby!”
“Right on. Why?”
“Go Obama baby!”

You’re joking. You’re telling me that people on MY side are shooting just as blind as that legion of shitbags we call the Middle West?

And behold, it was true.

If by some miracle we get a president that’s worth more than two farts in a windstorm, it won’t be because they were chosen by a functioning, intelligent democracy. They will be elected by the same principle that allows 250 million monkeys on 250 million typewriters to eventually write a novel that outsells Harry Potter. Of course at this point, we could put a tie on James Brown’s exhumed corpse, swear it in, and it’d still do a better job in the White House than Bush has.

That’s the beautiful part of hitting rock fucking bottom. There’s nowhere to go but up.


Here is the Tragedy of the Informed:

The infinitesimal fraction of people in the U.S. who actually pay attention and know What The Fuck Is Up are so disheartened and enraged that they either give up on The Rest all together or scream their heads off, sounding like psychotics and paranoiacs. Many go insane, making pipe bombs, murdering their families, or voting for Ralph Nader.

The remainder, who are sane enough to know and crazy enough to care, we are too few to balance out all the rest of you fucks. And it breaks our hearts.


You, statistically speaking, are probably unaware of just how bad things are in the United States today. You can’t be blamed for not noticing. You still get a paycheck and you can still go to Nordstrom’s to buy shoes and you can still watch the Patriots in the Superbowl. It’s easy for the little things like ceaseless war and economic collapse to slip by unnoticed in a land of such distraction.

For instance:

Voter fraud is widespread in every state of the union, on such a scale that it can easily choose the leader of our nation.

No shit.

This fraud is easily hidden because, even if we could count on everyone being honest, our system is so screwed up there would still be massive errors in counting. No other “modern” democracy in the world uses closed-source electronic voting machines with so few safeguards. Entire groups of people, be they blacks voting democratic in Florida or Republicans voting Christian in the New Hampshire Primary are discounted. In error, in deceit, it’s all the same.

In Australia, you can be fined for not voting.

In many European democracies, voting day is a holiday. Amazing how many people show up to the polls.

Against all predictions and polls, Hillary beat Obama in New Hampshire.

Obama won by the predicted margin in every district where votes were counted by hand.

Hillary won by a 5% margin in districts counted by machine.



Let me be serious for a moment.

The occupation of Iraq is a far bigger disaster for the United States than Vietnam ever was.

The dollar is weaker now than it has been since the Civil War.

Corporations guide our policies across the board; anti-trust laws are not enforced. This is a huge deal.

Your government will probably invade Iran within the next five years.

Your protection from illegal search and seizure as spelled out in the Bill of Rights no longer exists.

Habeas corpus is suspended. You probably forget what that means, but it’s a huge deal too.

The decisions and precedents your elected government has put into place in the last 10 years will be the ruin of the USA as we know.

No shit.


Ignorance is the costliest of luxuries. All this stuff, all the bad things we let slip every day, all the evils and deceptions and atrocities we turn our blind eyes to, they have consequences.

Remember that.


I don’t see a way out.

That’s the worst part.

Tonight, I cannot but know the truth of our nation, and despair.


“You’re so negative.” She said, shaking her head. “Why do you even vote. Why not just give up.”

“You really want to know why I vote?”


“The sticker.”



Get Informed, for fuck’s sake.
Why We Fight (Documentary)
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