Purple words on a grey background

It’s one of those nights where you’re like…

Thank god I made it home.

Through some knotted, divine, protective management, you arrived successfully from whatever horrid debauchery you were at across the City earlier.

Another bullet dodged.

It almost surprises me how slowly I have to type, due to my level of inebriation. Back in the day, I drank alot more. And wrote alot more. Now, things are tamer. Calmer. Safer. And thus, I type slower, less accustomed to my current state.

Thank you Ms. Stephanie and Lovely Roommate Ellie, for your accompaniment this evening. Also thank you to the random, weird dudes that live at that one house near Stockton and Green that all went to Cal Poly and gave me several free beers because of our common roots.

Go Mustangs.

I had a long list of things to write about before I sat down.

I just finished A Movable Feast, and thus the topics of Discipline and Writing are much on my mind.

I’m easily influenced by my current readings, as you may have noticed.

I hate writing about my current level of intoxication, because is sounds so juvenile. People assume I’m some kind of drunkard, some alchie, just because I happened to scribble some random crap out onto the internet. The truth isn’t that I drink too much when I write, it’s that I write too much when I drink.


Everyone go see Patrick Alparone’s remix of Hamlet, at La Val’s in Berkeley. I went to see said Hamlet because Patrick was in it. I enjoyed it because it was a solid fuckin play. It always surprises me when people I know are talented.

Sorry friends.

It makes it so much easier on me to praise those close to me when they actually possess the qualities and abilities I applaud.

Regardless, whiskey or no, I highly recommend La Val’s Hamlet, not because Moreau’s Finest is in it, but because Moreaus’s Finest is good in it.

Watching Hamlet, one really remembers what a serious impact The Bard had on our beloved language. Let’s face it, Shakespeare was the OG. Expressions like ‘Wild Goose Chase’ or ‘To Be or Not To Be’ or ‘Hyphy’ all trace directly back to big Billsauce. To see his genius reanimated in modern style is a treat indeed.

Next: BRMC

We also went to see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club last Wednesday.

Aren’t we the cultured motherfuckers.

Elephant, the band that came on before them, was entirely shitty.

Don’t even bother.

BRMC, however, played a Fine Set. Especially homeboy with the slick back hair.

Two guitarists, one of which whom played the Bass most of the time…

Anyway, the first one, he came out and he sang two powerful and dramatic solo guitar tunes. Standing in the pale and dreadful spotlight, he silenced a crowd full of hopefuls with twisting and tragic songs.

He even shut me up, if you can believe that.

It was downhill from there, but for someone who hasn’t liked a new band since 1994, that’s certainly a fuckin step in the right direction.

Strong, piercing lyrics, 1/2 Johnny Cash and 1/2 Dispatch, I mean… That first tiny set was the Good Shit. The rest of the band is pretty good, but that first guy, the one who sings Devil’s Waiting, he a talented and rising fuckin star. /
Well played, dude. Well played indeed. Your guitar and vocal abilities balance out the garbage the rest of your band shovels out.

Next Topic:

I feel like a Lot of People don’t realize this, but I make lists of topics before I write. Something strikes my fancy, my interest, my hatred… it gets a two word slot in the Shit to Write About column.

If it works hard enough, and prays, and

My head is spinning, I need to stop. I’ll be back again soon.

Remember, F. Scott Fitzgerald was an alcoholic, and married to a schizophrenic.

So stop hounding me.

Viva San Patricko,
Vivia Ireland,



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