We now resume our regularly scheduled life.

Editor’s Final Note.

After more than two weeks of exhaustive reconstruction, we put forth for you the finalized version of The Brazil Journal. Blood-stained and beer-soaked, we can now retire the original manuscript to a drawer somewhere and enjoy this new, digital, legible form instead.

We’ve omitted nothing. Mostly. Only some of the… racier encounters were edited, to protect the innocent and the not really all that innocent. After all, you never know who’s gonna read this damn thing. Besides, you kids don’t wanna hear about those two sisters… or that time when what’shername’s top came off… or how Trevor got those wax burns on his inner thigh… That’s just boring reading, kids.

Other than that, it’s all there.

Half of the trip’s pictures have also been made available online, at http://photobucket.com/albums/a132/Tivadaar/ . Perhaps Our Editor will also get off his lazy ass and post the pictures from Nate’s camera as well. Perhaps.

Now, back to real life.




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