Don’t take a slice of my pie

/* Editor’s Note – The following two pages contain a list of recommended reading / listening from Nate to Trevor and Trevor to Nate. After approximately three thousand “Have you ever read…” conversations, the decision was made to write up mandatory media lists for one another. Although these lists are woefully incomplete, they are a start, and Our Heroes will surely get around to reading each others’ recommendations promptly upon their return to the English-speaking world…*/

Nate’s List, for Trevor


Mage (Two Series) – A Hero Discovered / A Hero Defined

Invisibles vol. 1 ***
Astro City
Uncle Sam Kurt Busek? Alex Ross
Dark Knight Returns
Poison Elves
Early Wolverine comics


Welcome to the Monkey House – Vonnegut
Galapagos – Vonnegut
100 Years of Solitude – GGM
Om (The story of?)

Trevor’s List, for Nate

Dune by FH ******************
Beloved by Toni Morrison
The Scar – China Mieville (for fun)
The Sparrow / Children of God – Mary Doria Russell
The Magus – ?
Tales of Macabre something something – HP Lovecraft
The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood
On The Beach – Neville Shute
Dhalgren – Samuel Delany?
Lord Foul’s Bane – Samuel R Donaldson?

Muzak to burn for Nate
Smashing Pumpkins


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