You’re tellin me you see the signs

Segunda-feira, 4 de Julho
Cantina Uyrapuru, Pouso Alegre, MG

Fourth of July, and these savages have no clue

/*Editor’s Note – At this point the handwriting changes abruptly, and we assume that Mr. Monosoff is once again writing.*/

And on that note, our guest lecturer is back, Trevor is out back smoking green magic + making out with a freshman. But seriously, she’s more like a sophomore because she has a fake I.D. and says she’s mature because she doesn’t wear pink or flower prints. Anyway, now that we’ve got all these introductions + changes out of the way, we can get back to the good stuff. Cyphon deflection.

The most important thing to know about cyphon deflection is that it is blue. Refer to the diagrams for details.

Moving on, dentistry seems to be big business here – I wonder if that is because people eat a lot of sugar or dentistry education is cheap. I hate coffee. I’d also like to announce that my book is now available on Amazon, it is about the impact of personality types on the wilcom number in organizations over 500 people. There is an excellent chapter on the efficiency of different gaits, charting bipedal motion by cultures + geographic location, as well as shoe popularity + average body fat as a percentage of weight.

Please don’t forget to read it before next entry – not sure when that will be exactly, because it will be built upon as a concept.

As a cultural image white doves and large African American asses do not have anything in common. However, in reality, they both do the same thing this TREE is doing right now, shitting all over everything, and waiting for the rain, which they can’t stand, just like Missy Elliot. Sorry, got kind of lost on that one. But it’s all in the supplemental reading, and you’re responsible for it on the next exam.

Which brings me directly to the subject of my most recent trip to Brazil, which coincidentally, I’m still on. Yes we did make the wedding. Yes I fell in love 4 times in 2 weeks. Yes, they were all girls. No, I don’t miss you, you, or you. What I really would like right now is an elegantly dressed, beautiful, + patient 15 yr old gatinha – look that one up you ingrates – to teach me portuguese. It would be extra nice if her father was a capoeira mestre with an extra room + a cigarette. Which, by the way, you can buy down here, by the each, for 10 centavos or, 4 cents US.


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