Deeper still, the night

5:30 AM July 5
Rio de Janeiro, Rodoviária, platform 36

Made the seven hour burn to Rio without incident. Spent the trip alternately fashioning blankets out of headrest towels and shivering uncontrollably with arms and head retracted into my jacket. Turns out it does get cold in Brasil in the winter, cold as shit. But only on the bus from PA to Rio. This crappy $20 Mervyn’s jacket has failed me for the last time. Curse you, pathetic garment, and the slaving Persian child who crafted you. A pox on ye!

I’ve now officially been to Rio. Muggy and smells of decay, even at five AM. Everyone I know, American and Brazilian alike, considers Rio the asshole of South America. People come here solely for the pleasure of getting mugged, getting ripped off, or getting genital warts.

We leave for Búzios and sanctuary in an hour.

Your dark and terrible mysteries will have to wait for another adventure, Rio. I’ll be back.



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