Still the life that’s inside of me

June 26, Domingo
Lençois, BA
Bus Station 12:30PM

On the move again. Each place we stop, it’s as though we build an entire life. The States seems a million miles and a thousand years distant, Salvador a hazy nightmare. Now, assuming our ridiculously late bus shows up, we say goodbye to Lençois. We sit here, beneath the clouds in a crowded, one window bus station drinking beer and waiting for these savages to get their shit together so we can head for Seabra / Barreiras. South, always south. Our next few days will be a chaotic flurry of transportation as we race desperately to make those last 600ish miles to Pouso Alegre in time for The Wedding. Pedro better have strong drink and open-minded, lonely bride’s maids in abundance, for we have come far and endured much.

Our time in Lençois has been excellent, a success by every standard. Many friends and few enemies here, which is all one can ask in life. Our primary success, our greatest new assets on the friend tip

bus is here, pounding the beer. TBC


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