June 28th, 10:00 AM
Willamy’s House, Barreiras, BA

The trip out here was a strange, flickering experience as my exhaustion overcame me sporadically. Our bus had not, in fact, been attacked. It had been delayed for security reasons since another bus on the same line had been assaulted, though traveling the opposite direction. Five men in bandanas parked a car across the jungle freeway and waited, rifles and pistols drawn. When the bus arrived they attacked, taking every piece of luggage and valuables, shredding the passengers’ clothing to give themselves extra escape time.

Our bus made it through successfully, however, and saved us from Seabra and Manézes’ clutching, drunken, lustful grasp. Strange fucker. Speeding across the vast Brazilian plains at night, surrounded by pungent, working class men headed for the fields of Barreiras… We are truly off the beaten path here.


6:00 PM, Willamy’s Mother-in-law’s house.

Interruptions are constant. Consecutive, creative thought has become impossible. I’ll likely have to rewrite the majority of this upon return to CA.

The trip out, a bus full of dirty Bahians, as wary of us strangers as we of them…

All polite, however. Isolated lives crossing paths; none knew what to do, so we all sat and watched the shaky night sky on our rattling bus. Also, the Bahians seem to have a game, though it may have been a completely impromptu performance: hold it in till you’re on the 6 hour bus ride, then drop a huge deuce in the cramped bus bathroom, where none can escape it’s fury.

Fucking Bahianos.

Between coughing fits and head-out-the-window sessions, I simply watched. The Brazilian plains are a vast and lonely place, where a few toothless farmers and their scrawny chickens scratch out an existence along a rough, moderately paved stretch of endless road.

So I watched the sky, and the silhouetted scrub, and dreamt of familiar places.

Another man might have looked at the stars and seen differences; a foreign sky full of foreign lights, different constellations in a different hemisphere. Not me. It all looks the same.

What the fuck do I know about the stars.



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