Story of my life

Zero to swamped in 3 days. God dammit.

Not only am I already busy, I’m already behind. For those of you oblivious enough to have never found out, I absolutely despise programming. I am teh sux at coding. The concept that people out there, people I associate with and consider to be reasonable human beings, enjoy what is for me grueling torture is beyond me. I fear for my GPA and my soul, this quarter. I must pass. I must.

There is no alternative.

I suppose I should write something about capoeira, about the reunification of our group and all the excitement and possibilities for the future, but even my lyrical ass can’t do it justice.

Capoeira is the beginning and the end. Capoeira is family and liberty and wisdom. Capoeira is pain (Exhibits A, B, & C: Pulled quad, smashed elbow, chronic wrist shittiness). Capoeira is fun as shit. There is nothin better.

Without capoeira I would not be half the person I am today. Forte, União, Amizade, bitches.

Our first training session / class was a spectacular success. That’s all I have to say about that.

Too tired to expound tonight, all of the ranting and raving was left as pools of sweat and blood in the center of the roda. It’s gonna be a looong quarter.

Peace kiddos, I’ll hit ya back soon.



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