Roll call!

Preface: hammy.

I am, as they say, crunk.

Typing presents a significant challenge, even to one of my almost otherworldly experience with it. Pardon the misprints.


It is good to be back among friends. I fake an independence and isolationism which I truly do not contain, but holy shit my friends areawesome. Went down tizown tonight, with a couple of my faves, and partied hardy. They even gave me a ride home. Kindness and convenience and companionship, what more could one ask? Some of my boys, namely The Wog and The Wheeze and C Murd are still down at the scene, and I wish I could attend them. Too Much vodky at the speakeasy, as Raab would say, prevents me. My truck is… who knows? Not here, taht’s for sure.

Basically I’m tppling around until I am no longer too dizzy to sleep.

A weaker man would pour his heart out, under the influence of vast amoutns of Absolut, Firestone, and whatever the hell drink was I stole from Pete (sorry homes), but not me.

Why not me?

ice cold.

This year is to be a magnificent festival of character building. In ever sense of the word, I will be a better person at the end of this year than when I started. Word has come down, and Nate has a case of Camo 40’s, perhaps the most hardcore and torque filled drink known to humanity. Soss is ready to rock, we will be training ourselves into athletic oblivion. Me, I just donm’t give a fuck, and am ready to do whatever is necessary. My homies out on johnson, who are fucking ready, well, those fuckers are ready to do some shit. Yes. Gnar Kill.

Hammy jesus.


I wish.

Where were we?

p.s. If you live in the slo area and want to give me a ride down town to searchj for my rruck tomorrow, I would appreciate it. Lord knows where I left that stinky gold bastard.

I wish I was a ninja, that would be awesome.

The Ever-ingenious Regina came up with an absolutely brilliant idea tonight: The Fall Formal. Come to the think of it,. the idea was pure Regenius haha .

The details have yet to be formalized, but suffice it to say that this fucking rbilliant combination of embossed invitations, slow dancing, low-class highclassyness, and [qimping clothing will go down in history as perhaps on eof the most awesomnest parties in ever. The quote social event of the season endquote, I can not wait. A FORMAL why have we never discussed this before. The shear magnitude of itsbrillance is punching me inf the face. A FORMAL. Tomrowo the preparations begin. Dates are manditory (MANDATORY, you poro spelling fuck), we will have pictures and cockatails and a nice l;ittle walkway and shit and it will be off the hook and awesome and everyhtig own could ask for from a -party.

Better start finding a date now, shiet. You know who hatesme? ladies.

thts the sux.

ICE COLD, *headbutt*

Now its time to drinka hafl gasllon of water and lay down. Tomorrow I go ins search of my car and my destiny. I hope neither one has been towed.

Kicking ass and taking names,


but it could only be for one night, cuz the only thing I love in my life is the mic


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